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Alberta Canada Flood

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    The June flood in southern Alberta is the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history.The latest estimate of the insured property damage now exceeds $1.7 billion. Four people died and 100,000 others were forced from their homes by days of torrential rain, prompting states of emergency in Calgary and several other communities. Moms Against Hunger sent funds to help families with emergency supplies in the immediate days following this disaster.


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    Cambodia is in the middle of the human trafficking nightmare. Our partners have been very involved in helping to recover, sustain and offer opportunities to children and young women caught in such terrible misery. Feeding the hungry is part of the program to help.....
COSTA RICA... where the children in poverty are vulnerable to diseases, virus's and sickness due to poor nutrition and hunger, The pictures tell the story of hungry children and helping moms.

Dominican Republic

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    This is an area in the Dominican Republic that is called 'Little Haiti', and it is filled with poor Haitians who fled Haiti looking for a better life. The children here do not attend school, nor is there a job source in the area for the adults to work at. MAH offers food to these helpless children who stay hungry all the time.


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    A typhoon hit the tiny island of Fiji and caused major flooding which ruined a majority of the crops. Moms Against Hunger was contacted and asked if we would ship a container of food to them to help provide meals for children during this crisis season. With our partners help we shipped 250,000 meals to the children of Fiji.


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    Guatemala is one of the poorest nations in Latin America. The needs of the children and elderly in this nation are often ignored, and without any social services. Our longstanding commitment to this beautiful but poor country is ongoing.

Haiti Earthquake

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    We were able to ship 18 containers into Haiti after the earthquake. Our efforts provided 2 million baby wipes, food, water, water purifiers, blankets, hygiene goods, coolers, shoes, tools and medical supplies.

Harrisburg Illinois Tornado

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    The massive tornado's that swept through Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky were terrifying to the families that survived them. Our heartfelt response to them was gratefully accepted as thousands were without food and water and living with damaged or destroyed homes. This effort took hundreds of people to help their neighbors through this ordeal.

Hurricane Katrina

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    Hurricane Katrina was a category 5 Hurricane, that hit New Orleans and surrounding areas. It was the costliest natural disaster in the history of the USA. We provided shelter for a total of 1,000 people over the course of 1 month. We provided shelter, food, clothing and a safe place to think about the future and what to do next. In the shock of what had happened, we respected the privacy of our families and did not allow photos to be taken overall.

Hurricane Isaac

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    Serving families in the aftermath of a hurricane has always been an area that Moms Against Hunger serves in. Every family needs the emotional support and care of a mother in such a time. Our care helps to provide for instant foods, practical supplies and items for small children during the immediate hours after Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana.

Hurricane Sandy

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    Hurricane Sandy was the second largest disaster in US history. Moms Against Hunger served the families in Staten Island hot meals and support during the weeks following it.. Our help made the difference in thousands of shocked families trying to cope with the complete loss of their homes and businesses.


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    Mexico's children and elderly are very vulnerable to malnutrition based on the poverty levels in different areas. Moms are located in several areas of Mexico caring for those in need. .

Moore Oklahoma Tornado

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    The tornado in Moore Oklahoma and surrounding small town areas was devastating! Not only were homes and businesses destroyed but also two schools taking the lives of 23 people including children. 2013 Moore tornado was an EF5 tornado that struck on the afternoon of May 20, 2013


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    Moms Against Hunger feeds the slave children in Pakistan. These children have lost their parents due to wars, sickness, persecution and accidents. Often they are sold into slavery and forced to make dust bricks for their owners. MAH cares and offers comfort and provides food for them.